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Monday, March 14, 2011

Jewelry Blossoms

Spring has blossomed on the desert floor and I have already enjoyed a number of wildflower wanderings. Flowers are not only on my mind, they’ve permeated my senses with fragrances streaming around me in unexpected, gentle yet intoxicating wafts. Most recently some of my favorite blossoms have inspired me to make jewelry that celebrates our ephermeral desert palette! Here are a few examples of my latest creative outlet inspired by the colors and patterns of nature:

Love the sunset colors found in this flower (computer
wallpaper image)!

Striking aloe flower stalks inspired the
colors and style of these earrings.
Photo by Michelle Hedgecock.

Rose Mallow was my muse for this bracelet's
spring palette. Photo by Michelle Hedgecock.

Desert chicory stripes found their
way into a modern pair of earrings.
Photo by Robert Ballard.

Summer lavender fields inspired a cool, relaxing color
palette. Photo by Michelle Hedgecock.

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