"What we see depends mainly on what we look for." ~Sir John Lubbock

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kind and Creepy Doll

This strange doll emerged as just a head for the longest time. I stuck two glass beads into random holes in the stone and it became a face. I didn't want to use adhesive to keep the "eyes" in, so wire came into play and before I knew it, she reminded me of the misshapened faces of the doctors and nurses in one of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes "The Eye of the Beholder". Kinda creepy. But her entire form looks kind to me.

I'm not a doll person, but this odd creation grew on me as I fastened her together, and I've named her Janet Tyler, after the "ugly" character's name in the Twilight Zone episode.

Made with beach rocks, wire, glass beads.
~ 7" tall

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mini Altar - Dia De Los Muertos inspired Tortoise

This was a birthday gift to my mom :) I suppose one could say this is not exactly a "traditional" type gift: a beady flower bouquet, mixed with found junk, sticks, and a "dead tortoise." Well, this is true, but my mom's happy, generous and loving spirit is not exactly traditional--thank goodness for me ;)! LOL My mom is one of my favorite junking parnters...the only person who will go with me on my desert junk--I mean TREASURE(!)--hunts this side of the Colorado! She also loves Day of the Dead...

When I first found this twisted car ashtray, I immediately thought, "oo, this would make a perfect mini-altar!" It sat around in my work space for a while until I made an extra Day of the Dead-inspired tortoise, from another project, and placed it in the ashtray. I love those new beads and I thought they were the perfect addition to the altar--representing the wildflowers that desert tortoises love in spring.

The desert tortoise is still a threatened species due to habitat loss, predation, and reckless OHV enthusiasts; and now climate change according to some scientists--the effects of which could surely accelerate desert tortoise disappearance in the wild.

Made from: found car ashtray, washer, also wire, sticks, glass beads, and acrylic.

6" h x ~3 1/2" w