"What we see depends mainly on what we look for." ~Sir John Lubbock

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Curiosity...What Extravagant Respite!

Laguna Beach, CA. As you're walking downtown, there's a little path that takes off from the sidewalk, if you follow the sculpture and plants, you will discover this little deck and the endless ocean view with a beautifully crafted fence that reads: "In this fleeting moment what extravagant respite as booming surf speaks its mystical passage across the undreamed depths." Surrounding the quote, are bits of stained glass treats and the tiny print framing the quote is the word "sound" repeated along the top and bottom.

My friend and I came across this little offshoot after an already long day on our feet--which were killing us, my shoes were starting to rub uncomfortably too. We were both ready to sit the next couple of hours out on the beach (shoes off), and dive into the glorious depths of girl talk, while the end of day approached. But curiousity got the best of us and we wanted to see what was down this short path.

I'm happy we did, I loved this quote fence, it's shadow on the deck, and the sound of breaking--yes booming--surf below! We were there less than 10 minutes (the beach was calling), yet I was revitalized by our discovery and temporarily forgot about my sore feet. Respite indeed.

Yes! Pursue your curious side. Answer its call when it beckons you, no matter how tired you feel. Curiousity energizes. Curiosity is your escape from routine, it is the trail less traveled that invites you to explore.

Explored curiosity fuels our creativity.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

On The Fence No More

I've decided to submit a piece to a local Chain-Link Art Exhibit and Competition. I found out about it two days ago and the deadline is right around the corner but I decided to go for it, so it's going to be quite a push. I just loved the idea of altering chain-link fencing, I was completely inspired! I have two solid ideas in my head. The chain link fencing is now in my possession, along with leveraging(?) pliers/cutters and my "plan." Which direction this piece takes on depends entirely on how easy the fencing can be manipulated using the mongo pliers in bringing my idea to life.

Will keep you posted on my progress...
Ahh, a blank canvas ;)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Creative Intentions (Making prayer flags in the pines)

My mom treated me to an amazing prayer flag making workshop up at the Idyllwild Arts campus, taught by visiting artist Karen Michele. It was a beautiful July day of creating under the pines—a deer even stopped by for a visit (too bad I missed her)! There is something for working on a creative project in a conifer forest, at least for me anyway. I love the smell and there seems to always be a breeze, which I love the sound of the wind through the pines. I always feel like the trees and rocks, the streams, and the unseen creatures are encouraging me to open up and express myself in some way :) Very comforting.

The theme for this class was Tibetan inspired (perfect!) with the thought being that the wind will carry the intentions of the writings or imagery on the flags out into the world to benefit all living beings. In Tibetan culture, there are 5 flags, each with its own color and associated element. The word in parenthesis are my own wishes/intentions inspired by the element:

BLUE = SPACE (happiness)
WHITE = AIR (silliness)
RED = FIRE (transformation)
GREEN = WATER (compassion/peace)
YELLOW = EARTH (grounded/our roots)

I am a little attached to them right now (I know, I know…"bad" buddhist! LOL), but I have every intention of placing these outside when the weather cools off a little. I am in search of a special place, maybe our front door(!), to hang these so they can fulfill their true purpose! I think it would be fun to document their "lifespan" of prayer releasing :) I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

My whole strand is about 4 1/2 ft. long. Each panel is made from a recyled pair of jeans (flag panels) and acrylic. Each one is slightly smaller than 8” x 12”. They are embellished with: embroidery, can lids, glass beads, leaves, material, buttons, wire, scrap metal pieces, post cards, copper wire, metal tags, Sharpie...

Here are each of my flags, click its image if you’d like larger view:

RED = FIRE (transformation)

YELLOW = EARTH (grounded/our roots)

BLUE = SPACE (happiness) “There’s plenty of space for everyone’s happiness…”

WHITE = AIR (silliness); sometimes this element is referred to as wind or cloud.

GREEN = WATER (life) (compassion/peace) = compassion, peace. “Let compassion flow for all...” the script repeats, "compassion for all sentient beings"

While photographing, a breeze released a batch of my intentions for you! Maybe you felt it...