"What we see depends mainly on what we look for." ~Sir John Lubbock

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Monday, December 27, 2010

"Enlightened Spiders" -- Recycle Those Old Christmas Lights!

I really enjoy creating these colorful spiders from strands and strands of those "old school" x-mas lights. They are easy to make, and should you give it a try, you'll find they come to life as soon as you twist on their wire legs, and position them in place. Depending on my mood, I love them both plain and with designs added to their abdomens.

I've made these "Enlightened Spiders" for gifts, as anonymous releases for Found Art Tuesday (where artists leave their work in public places for people to find!), for sale on Etsy and possibly in the near future to appear in a local shop on the famed El Paseo, Palm Desert. They seem to make people smile, and that is the fun part.

If you have x-mas lights hanging around that will need to be replaced next year, why not give it a go and create some insects or spiders? Little lights make great insects, big bulbs make great spiders (in my opinion). But the best result will be from your own creative spin on what you create from discarded lights. I recommend wearing gloves while handling the light strands because of lead warnings. Sometimes art is a dangerous job...

I <3 enlightened spiders!

Images: M. Hedgecock

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Got My Etsy On!

I have finally opened my shop on Etsy! Now you can find me at MouseHouseART (or click the Etsy badge in the sidebar) to find one-of-a-kind found art assemblage and sculpture, along with unique digital mandala prints, original illustrations, and ATC/ACEO related digital images--all to inspire your creative spirit! Over the next two weeks I will be adding more pieces.

I hope you enjoy what you see there--like this, one of my favorite pieces, the "Tumbling E" Eye Chart shown here! This was such a fun piece to make. From the moment I first found those e-shaped metal pieces half buried in the desert I knew immediately what I wanted to create with them...all I needed was the white metal panel I had yet to find!

I hope you find time to visit and take a look around, I would love for my art to make you smile and feel creative :)