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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Heart Belongs To You

When I was a little girl, my mom MADE me make my own homemade Valentines for every student in my class—granted those were the days of maybe up to 20 in a class, not 40+ students. The day before we would go buy shades of red, pink, purple and white construction paper, glue, glitter, maybe those “be mine” candies, and yarn. We would set up for a night of cutting and pasting.

Yes, I was that girl who stuck the construction paper-doily-glittery card in your cubby. You could tell I was the “homemade” Valentine kid by following the trail of glitter back to my desk. I was embarrased at the time, because everyone else had discovered the cool new pre-made commercial Valentines. But my mom insisted. And, although I may never have admitted it at the time, I always ended up getting into creating those, especially making those special Valentine’s for “certain” crushes!

Fast forward to today, to a time where I love making a special homemade Valentine for my biggest crush, my hubby. Every year, since we started dating, I’ve made him a special “card” (I make a special Valentine for my son now too!). This year I was inspired by one of my favorite Etsy sellers, Bookity, who makes these amazing and most exquisite and whimsical paper creations.

I made my honey-hubby these festive hanging hearts, six for each year we’ve been married. I love the romance of Shakespeare’s text on Bookity’s hearts, but I wanted to use something more meaningful between me and my husband. Instead of Shakespeare, I used a copy of the love letter I wrote to my husband that he read on the eve of our wedding. I added a little glass bead to each heart and hung them from a weathered piece of wood, where I wrote a personal note to him <3

I don't think he minds that I shared this year's card with you!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The 2-in-1 post: The Love Show and Love Bites

Hello friends!

I was invited to participate in "The Love Show" at one of my favorite Joshua Tree galleries! This is a great show with so many fantastic and fun pieces inspired by all aspects and manifestations of LOVE! The exhibit goes until March 5, 2011. Please check it out if you can (location/directions in the link above). You just might fall in looooove with a beautiful piece of art and want to take it home with you (ooh, I hope it's one of mine!).

I have three pieces in the show, see if you notice their common theme--totally accidental! Here's a sneak peek of one of mine, inspired by my love for B-horror movies:

He loved spiders. She loved him.
An obsession grew.

I loved working on this one! The tagline was the trickiest. Then came their names, who by the way came from spiders too (arachnid). "Stella Star" came from an actual spider species, A. stellata, the Starbellied orbweaver. Writing the premise was even more of a fun challenge--cheesy. Here's the rest of the of the text--cheese spread cheesy:

Gigantic mutant spiders in a tangled web of obsession. Who will survive?
*   *   *   *   *
Dr. R. Achnid is consumed by his life-long passion of spiders. When a lab accident affects his prized specimens, he will do anything to ensure their survival.

Stella Star is madly in love with her mentor, Dr. Achnid. She will do anything to gain his affection.

A horrifying tale of an obsession gone terribly wrong.

Wouldn't you LOVE to go see this movie?! LOL ;)