"What we see depends mainly on what we look for." ~Sir John Lubbock

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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Space Bar construction site...

"...cheap beer for broke writers"

The was just so much fun to make. Originally inspired by an old typewriter my mom and aunt found at a yard sale, I immediately deconstructed it with a different concept in mind. But, as the creative process flowed, so did my imagination and this is the scene I ended up with, following a writer's block moment ;)

Made of a variety of found, scrap metal pieces and materials. Construction bugs made with all found things: washer, bolts, metal springs, telephone wire, scrap wire, glass beads, fuses, kitchen utensils, etc.

Soon to be--and, only in my imagination, mind you--a bar with outdoor seating/gathering. The Space Bar is targeted to writers and other creative buggers. "Opening soon" sign reads, "Let our service be your muse, join us for Freelance Fridays and get 2-for-1 lunch!"

Patio heaters made with found auto fuses, metal washers, and faucet knobs. Sign reads, "Larvae, instars, and newly molted NOT ALLOWED after 9 p.m."

Construction bug hauling material to the salvage dumpster...

Every construction site has a port-a-potty. Made with a piece of scrap steel and a can lid, and a small metal screen (out of shot) for the all important port-a-potty vent. Yes, I guess I'm showing you strange things, but I get into the details of things like this :)

One of the construction bugs adding to the salvage pile. Dumpster is a car door ashtray filled a bottle cap, wire and various debris ;)

I just like this shot. This is the menu in progress with homage to three of my favorite authors: Christopher Moore, Clive Cussler and the bottom one says, "Twain it, if you're hungering for an American classic"

29"H x 36" L x 20" W; 47" at highest point (crane)
More photos:

FunkyArtGirl cruisin' Water Woman Festival!

I am truly excited to participate in the upcoming Water Woman Festival as an artist (and presenter). This amazing eco-centered festival will be held in Joshua Tree, CA, Oct. 1 thru Oct. 4, 2009. Look for my "Family Totem" on grounds (previous blogpost)...and definitely some F.A.T. goodies throughout the 4-day festival!

Please check out the festival site here, or the link above. For detailed photos of "Family Totem" visit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/34241256@N07/

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Made with thrift store chandelier crystal, scrap wire, and found metal washers, bullet shell, and metal spring. This was my first "release" for F.A.T, a dragonfly left at The Living Desert, Palm Desert, CA.


Bird Nest - F.A.T. project

Originally inspired by an artist at our local street fair about a year ago (him/her nests were much more refined and held wonderful and special treasures in them!), and much more recently, by the little nest with baby birds that have made their home at my friend, Diane's new home.

Made with LOTS of scrap wire, embellished with found blue jay feathers, and 3 African beads. Released for Found Art Tuesday by my partner in crime (my mom!), Aug. 15, 2009 at the Sofitel Maeva Resort in Papeete, Tahiti.

4" diameter

...superhero by night

Face made with found scrap metal misc. including bottle opener, old TV channel plate, frozen/rusted chain, scrap wire. Mounted on two scrap wood panels from an explosives crate.



This was one of my first large pieces. When I first layed it out, it reminded me of a kachina. It is made from various found metal rings and scrap, a hub cap, saw blade, metal and glass beads, scrap wire; along with three antique/junk store finds--a metal trivet and two bread (5-loaf) baking pans.

~6 1/2 ft. tall

Family Totem

Photo collage of "Family Totem" with faces that represent my moods, my family story (~akin to Northwest totems), and affectionate exaggerations of certain personalities.

FACES are made from various found materials like cans, metal lids, nuts/bolts, metal springs, scrap wire, beads, etc.

TOTEM POLE includes: --scrap 2x4's--found car speaker embellished with Kumeyaay clay beads, scrap wire and rolled can lids--found bicycle rim embellished with bamboo beads surrounding a found aluminum hub--scrap metal sheet embellished by curling and attaching can lid, quartz crystal, found metal washer, scrap wire; also rolled can lid w/clay bead--found metal ring--acrylic paint/embellishment

7 1/2 ft. tall

More of Family Totem: http://www.flickr.com/photos/34241256@N07/

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Faces (collage)

Some of my earliest faces--several of which are now part of my "Family Totem" piece, a 7 ft. tall totem pole. Many of these faces were born out of the trashed treasures I collected from one of my first serious junking expeditions ;) Often, they just create themselves...like the smashed soda can that screamed 'grumpy' face, or the curled lid for the 'worried-about-to-cry' face, and the mangled/punctured lid that became the 'ick-I'm-sick' face (with a fuse for the thermometer).

All pieces here made entirely of found scrap wire, junked and rusted metal objects: lids, utensils, auto parts, cans, hinges, saw blades, springs, nuts/bolts etc., with glass or ceramic beads for embellishment.