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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Photo Doodles

Photo doodling is a great creativity exercise to try and a fun way to let your mind wander. Artist/author, Stephanie Corfee, reminds us just how this tried and true outlet can turn family photos into treasured works of art in her book, Creative Doodling & Beyond.

Begin by grabbing a few black and white or color copies of your favorite photos. Grab a Sharpie or drawing inks in a variety of colors and start framing out and doodling around the subjects in your photos. Add text, deface faces with silly designs, or lose yourself in detailed doodlistic patterns.

Embellished designs on favorite photos from family gatherings, vacation, or that girl's night out can make a unique gift!

Below are a couple of my own family photos I played around with doodling. I loved reliving the special feelings felt on these days and I later noticed that the doodles that evolved seem to fit those memories from that day!


  1. Wow ....you really did a good job on those photos....I notice some marks are simple ones designed to decorate the background....Maybe I can do that! I sure want to try!
    When is this meetup scheduled>? I'm in!

  2. Hey, it's ME...Pownkies