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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Paint Chip Poetry

Oh how I love playing and creating with paint chips. Lately, I’ve been making plenty of paint chip poems. I decided to go through my “pile” of paint chips that I’ve been collecting from my frequent stops at our home improvement stores. While going through and organizing them into certain themes and topics, nearly 20 poems emerged.

So I began cutting, arranging and placing a variety of paint names on canvas, quirky and intriguing names meant to inspire homeowners to transform a tired kitchen or new home office. So far, “Desert Native” is now in the Drawn From the Desert Art Benefit show (Tamma's Magic Mercantile, Yucca Valley, CA) for a local artist--check out the show if you can, it is ongoing until the end of October 2011. Two more poems are completed and heading for Etsy, they are “Summer Camp” and “Mermaid Water Dance.”

The poems (each line a paint chip color/name):

Desert Native
Spring bloom

Nimbus cloud
gossamer wings
something in the air
Canyon echo.

"Desert Native" paint chip poetry


Summer Camp
Mountain trail
mirror lake
skipping stones

wishful thinking
first kiss
How sweet it is.

"Summer Camp" paint chip poetry

Mermaid Water Dance
bottle blue

Blue ocean
dolphin grey
glistening moonlight
mermaid water dance.

"Mermaid Water Dance" paint chip poetry



  1. Michelle...I love these. You are so gifted! Love the wire and dangles on Desert native. Love the poem and femininity of Summer Camp. Love the textures and rhythm in Mermaid Water Dance!

  2. Thank you Wendy, you are so kind and generous! Loving the love! It's that limitless artistic spirit & talent of YOURS that keeps inspiration flowing about the universe for us all to absorb :)

  3. I found your blog accidentally while googling "nature heart", and came across the amazing rock-with-hearts that your mom found. I decided to look through your blog, and have enjoyed so much visiting!!! - you are an amazingly talented artist, and I LOVE your paint chip poems!!!

    I have a blog called "Random Hearts". Each Thursday I host a meme "Guest Heart Thursday", where I spotlight hearts other people have found in their world.

    I would love to feature your mom's rock on a future GHT - with full copyright to you, and a link back to your blog, of course!

    Please give me a visit and let me know if I may feature your heart!

    It's okay for you to say no, too. I still loved seeing your beautiful rock heart! :=}

  4. Hello Clytie and thank you! Of course you may feature my rock heart image, I am on my way to your site now to share the info and cruise your blog. Thank you for exploring my blog and your very kind comments!

  5. Hi! Your beautiful heart rock is featured on today's Guest Heart Thursday!

  6. Awesome, thank you! I'm honored :) Loving your Random Hearts blog, it's such a good feeling :)